General Information

The Department of Telecommunications was founded in 1967. In first years, activities of the Department were concentrated on circuits’ theory and signals, digital and impulse techniques, transmission systems and switching systems, telecommunication networks and their reliability. Aim of the Department has been directed towards following and dictating modern trends in communication technologies. Several new laboratories have been built and education has been gradually increasing in a domain of software oriented-courses. In recent years specialization of the Department has been extended also to area of multimedia technologies including multimedia content development. In 2008 the name of the Department was changed to Department of Telecommunications and Multimedia (KTaM).

At the present, the research and education of the Department of Telecommunications and Multimedia is covered by wide range of activities related to telecommunication, information and multimedia technologies. In the field of telecommunication technologies, attention is focused on communication networks, access technologies, convergence of network technologies with main activities oriented on quality of media services.

Regarding fixed networks technologies, great afford is paid to wideband optical networks, which is joint activity with the Department of Physics. Wireless technologies are directed towards mobile and satellite communications, positioning systems as well as to DVB-x. Other significant research activities are in the area of digital signal processing, the stress is layed upon semantic analysis and recognition of audio – visual content including 3D image/video processing.

Relatively new interdisciplinary areas of interest are the multimedia technologies that are oriented to multimedia content creation. This specialization incorporate the courses on fundamental of image composition, film directing, multimedia editing and postprocessing, etc. The main target of this area is the support of future multimedia services. Regarding number of students that have been studying at the Department, KTaM belongs among the biggest departments and most important of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. KTaM consists of 3 divisions: Telecommunication Groupe, Radiocommunication Group, Digital signal processing Group.