Research activities of the department are oriented in area of fixed and mobile networks and signal processing. The research in the telecommunication technology is focused on communication networks and network technologies in transport and access network, convergence of network technologies and services and also methodology of quality multimedia services evaluation. Dominant part of research is focused on research and development of mathematical models and technologies for high-speed all optical networks using on modelling of numerical computer models of physical structures. Design of methods for speech quality evaluation and quality evaluation of audio-visual streams in IP networks is also very significant research activity.

In field of radiocommunication technique, research activities are focused on wireless communication systems and mobile positioning in these systems. Scientific activities are based on quality of services improving in mobile networks with fixed and ad hoc architecture. The optimization of routing and topology in these networks is main research scope. Research in field of mobile positioning is very interesting topic. It is focused on proposal of new positioning methods and integration of various positioning systems. Part of research capacity is devoted to theory of operation load and fronts.

Research in field of digital signal processing is focused on processing and annotation of video and audio data. Crucial part of the research is semantic annotation of the observed data, classification of 2D/3D objects and faces, segmentation, reconstruction and modelling of 3D scene with application to industry. The research results are mainly implemented to intelligent transport systems and computer support of medical applications. In case of audio signal processing, attention is paid to recognition of general voices, analyse of emotional status from audio scene and quality of speech and audio evaluation. Attention is primarily devoted to parametric description of audio with using of optimization techniques and new procedures of stochastic modelling of audio data time sequences. The research activities are implemented in the particular laboratories.