Bachelor degree

The student of bachelor degree obtains the necessary theoretical and technical knowledge of digital image processing. The connection of technology and art education creates from our students specialists to solve the multimedia problems. The student acquires all necessary knowledge and practical experience of working with video and audio multimedia component. This knowledge allows students to obtain suitable work in organizations focused on information technology, advertising and advisory services, and public administration institutions or in different multimedia studies.

Master degree

The student of master degree of Multimedia Engineering program obtains the necessary knowledge of communications networks and services. A suitable choice of optional courses a student may be more specialized in more areas, such as image processing. A very important component of study is knowledge of web technologies in area of 2D and 3D graphics and animations. The student also obtained knowledge of aesthetics and legislation in the field of electronic communications. The graduate can be applied as a creative worker in area of multimedia technologies. The students gain knowledge and skills that enable them to work independently and in teams on different projects.