The most significant international projects

  1. E! 6752: DETECTGAME – R&D for Integrated Artificial Intelligent System for Detecting the Wildlife Migration, (EUREKA, Brussels), 2013-2016, UNIZA coordinator  – R. Hudec.
  2. ETSI STF 436: Adaptation of the ETSI QoS Model to better consider results from field testing (2011-2013), UNIZA coordinator – P. Počta.
  3. A-0930-RT-GC, HElicopter fuselage Crack moniToring and prognosis through on-board sensOR network – HECTOR, (European Defence Agency, Brussels), 2010-2012, UNIZA coordinator – R. Hudec.
  4. ETSI STF 437: QoS of connections from current technologies to LTE (2012), project coordinator – P. Počta.
  5. ITMS 22420320001: Interregional Mobile Television DVB–H, 2010-2012, UNIZA coordinator – M. Vaculík.
  6. ETSI STF 363: QoS Implications of NGN architectures, 2008-2009, UNIZA coordinator – P. Počta.
  7. FP6 RIS ZIP Regional Innovation Policy – 2005-2008, project coordinator – M. Dado
  8. COST 292: Semantic Multimodal Analysis of Digital Media, 2008, UNIZA coordinator – R. Jarina.


The most significant national projects

  1. APVV-0369-07: Speech Technologies for Advanced Telecommunication and Information Services in Slovak Language – SPEETIS , 2008-2010, UNIZA coordinator – R. Jarina
  2. VEGA č. 1/0705/13: Image elements classification for semantic image description, 2013-2015, project coordinator- R. Hudec
  3. VEGA č. 1/0313/08: The Investigation of the Methods of Detection of the Critical Conditions in Telecommunication Networks from the Speech Quality Point of View (2008-2010), project coordinator- P. Počta
  4. VEGA-11/0392/10: The research of mobile nodes positioning in wireless sensor networks, 2010-2012, project coordinator – P. Brída
  5. VEGA 1/0336/10: Enhancement of QoS parameters in MANET and mesh networks, 2010-2011, project coordinator – V. Wieser
  6. VEGA 1/1271/12: Study of the influence of the degradation effects in the physical layer of the high-speed optical networks on the transport mechanisms, 2012-2014, project sub-coordinator  -M. Dado PhD.